1940's Kay Archtop

Gibson J-45

This guitar took an unfortunate fall breaking the headstock completely off the neck.  No splines were needed for this repair  but if it happens again....major surgery will be required.

1974 Gibson J-40

2010 Gibson Les Paul Studio 

This repair didn't look like much at first, but when I saw the back and sides, I knew there had to be a good story to go with it.  This is what happens when you rush off to a gig and forget to put your Gibson J-45 in the car before backing out!

This is a 1974 Gibson J-40 that was brought to me for repair.  It had been through some serious trauma, but still had 'pulse' when it was placed on my operating table.  Multiple cracks and splits in the top and sides needed to be fixed before a complete refinishing of the guitar (including new bindings and purflings).  Plays great and the owner is very happy with the results!

This is a 1940's Kay Archtop that I recently restored for a customer.  The guitar needed a neck reset, a truss rod, new finger board, a new nut, new bridge and saddle, real bindings, and a new finish (the original finish was just a paint job).

Restorations and Repairs

I am now offering guitar restoration and repairs.  If you have a guitar that needs work of any kind, please contact me with what needs to be done,  If you can send pictures, that really helps.  I can give you a quote based on your description of the problem and any attached photos.  All quotes include the cost of parts and labor.  Shipping costs are determined on an individual bases.

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