OM - Orchestra Model

The instrument pictured above is the long scale version (34") of my Acoustic Bass and features a fixed bridge with a completely bolt-on neck.  The off-set sound hole accommodates a unique bracing pattern that allows this guitar to have the sound projection and clean, deep tones that is does.  It comes standard with a cutaway.  The short scale version (30") features a traditional sound hole placement and bracing pattern, but I have incorporated a floating bridge into its design.  Either design offers a guitar with wonderful tone that can be heard, and felt, when played solo or with other instruments.

The Dreadnought.  Classic in its design and recognizable by its shape and distinct tone.  A bigger bodied guitar with a tone capable of "standing out in a crowd" when accompanied by other instruments.  Special features like a 'slope-top', transitional arm bevel, or a cutaway can not only make this size of a guitar easier to play, but can help make your "Michael Anthony Guitars" Dreadnought uniquely yours.

My Orchestra Model guitars are great "all around" guitars, however, I like to build them with the finger-style player in mind.  I widen the string spacing at the bridge (just slightly) to help accommodate players who prefer a bit more room for their picking hand.  These guitars have a beautiful tonal blend of highs and lows allowing every note that's played to ring clean and clear..  The body size is right in between the L-00 and a Dreadnought making it comfortable to handle while still providing a strong tonal presence.


JM- Jumbo Model (Grand Concert)

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Upper bout                10 3/8"
Waist                        8 3/8"
Lower bout                14 7/8"
Body length               19 3/8"
Scale                         25.4"

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CM - Classical

ABG - Acoustic Bass Guitar

Of the different types of guitars I build, the Jumbo Model has to be one of my favorites.  A large bodied guitar with an equally "large" sound.  The words "Rich" and "Beautiful" have been used to describe the tone of my Jumbo guitars and I feel those descriptors fit quite nicely.  Because the guitar body is so big, I build these with a feature I like to call a "rolled edge" where the top and back meet the sides.  This is different from a rounded edge, which typically only involve the bindings.  I gently taper the top and the back into the bindings creating a smooth and gradual transition.  This allows for greater comfort while playing still gives everything you would expect from an instrument of this size.

I build my Classical guitars using the body style of a 1966 Ramirez.  However, it's not an exact copy.  I have added my own touches to the design, particularly in the neck, but also in the bracing pattern of the top.  The end result is a warm yet expressive sounding guitar that is a joy to play and listen to.  I like to stick with rosewoods for the back and sides to help bring out the tonal character of my Classical guitars.

This is the smallest bodied guitar that I currently build, but that doesn't mean it lacks presence and "punch".  The sound that comes from my L-00 is crisp, clear, and robust across all the strings.  The smaller body style makes it easier to hold and play while delivering the same tonal qualities one would expect from a larger bodied guitar.

DM - Dreadnought

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Photos coming.......

Photos coming.......

Acoustic Bass

Jumbo (Grand Concert)


Orchestra Model


Upper bout                12 1/2"
Waist                       10 3/8"
Lower bout                17"
Body length               20 7/8"
Scale                         25.4"
Upper bout               12 1/4"
Waist                       10 1/8"
Lower bout               17"
Body length              21 3/8"
Scale                        30" or 34"

Upper bout                11 1/8"

Waist                        9 1/2"

Lower bout                14 1/2"

Body length               19 3/8"

Scale              650 or 660cm

Upper bout                11 1/4"
Waist                        9"
Lower bout                15"
Body length               19 1/2"
Scale                          24.9" or 25.4"

Upper bout                     11 1/2"

Waist                            10 3/4"

Lower bout                     15 1/2"

Body length                    20"

Scale                              25.4"

Standard Models

Features on my Standard Model guitars include:  Your choice of back and side wood from my current stock, Engelmann or Sitka spruce top, (western red cedar for classical guitars), standard Paua rosette (wood or "traditional" for classical guitars), your choice of ebony or East Indian Rosewood appointments (head plate, finger board and bridge), Spanish cedar linings, Gotoh 510 tuners, ebony bridge pins, bone nut and saddle, natural wood bindings and a hard shell case.  Electronic and other "Special Features" can be added at an additional cost.

Michael Anthony Guitars